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30th anniversary of ThaiPark in Berlin

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

2022 is the year of the 30th anniversary of ThaiPark in Berlin. Let's get to know ThaiPark better, starting with ''The History of ThaiPark''.

''The History of ThaiPark''

The story of ThaiPark began in 1992, when four German-Thai families started picnicking in Berlin's Prussia Park. Through word of mouth, the group grew quickly. Soon Thai, Laotian, Cambodian and Filipino women were picnicking there regularly and a community was formed. Everyone cooked their best dishes at home and brought them back for everyone to try.

The most popular activities were eating and gambling. With that, one could spend the whole day in the park. When everything was eaten but people were still gambling, the first ones would ask around if anyone had any food left and if it could be bought. That was the beginning of the stalls. Soon the food stalls were known all over Berlin and beyond. That's how ThaiPark, as we know it today, was formed.

Source: Itirit Hatairatana,The Architectural Ethnography Of Thai-Park: Beyond Food And Color, Master's thesis, Berlin, 2019. ______________________________ Instagram: thaiparkinberlin Webseite: E-mail: #thaipark #thaistreetfoodmarktinberlin

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