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Review of the year 2022 of Thai Association and ThaiPark


- (07.02.22) First meeting between the association and the head of the public order office Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

- (09.02.22) The meeting on the basis of the organization of the Thai park 2022 between the Thai association and the head of the commercial department of the Royal Thai Embassy

- (26.0222) The meeting between the Association and representatives of Wilai GmbH for an exchange of information on the import and export Thai products and to meet for business negotiations, in which the Director of the Commercial Department of the Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin acted as a liaison between the two sides for the economic relationship.


- (11.03.22) First meeting between the association and Vet-Leb (Veterinary and Food Administration)


- (16.04.22) Opening ceremony event including Songkran Festival.

- (23.04.22) In cooperation with Vinh-Loi Asia Supermarket, the association distributed discount cards to vendors in ThaiPark through DITP Berlin.


- (05.05.22) Second meeting between the association and Vet-Leb (Veterinary and Food Administration)

- (05.05.22) The meeting between the association and Mrs. Bauch (Greens), district mayor of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district

- (13.05.22) Participation of the representatives of the board in an interview with the editorial office Jounal 55 Plus

- (20.05.22) The association was invited by the DITP Berlin to participate in the event "Touch of Thainess" and to demonstrate the preparation of Thai food and desserts to entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry (catering).


- (15.06.22) The meeting between the representatives of the board and architects of the NBL studio for the exchange of information and for the elaboration of the plans for the design of the rooms in the multifunctional building

- (19.06.22) Participation of the representatives in a podium discussion on the topic "Streetfood in Berlin" with a well-known author, Mr. Jens Bisky.

- (29.06.22) Organization of the training for vendors (traders) about filling in the tax office form, tax declaration and answering other questions with an expert in accounting and tax consulting.


- (12.07.22) Organizing a bilingual Thai-German training for Accounting (Income and Expenditure), cash accounting and collecting invoices for vendors of the Thai Park.

- (17.07.22) Participation in interviews to complete the dissertations of students of the Humboldt University of Berlin

- (24.07.22) Participation in interviews to complete dissertations of students from USA.


- (05.-07.08.22) Support for the documentary film "A Space for You and Me" by a group of students from the Nanyang Technological University, Republic of Singapore.

- (08/14/22) Board representatives welcomed lecturers and students from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Berlin to discuss and plan the design of the rooms of the multifunctional building as well as the design of the equipment for vendors used during the sale.

- (08/12-14/22) Participated in interviews to complete dissertations of students from Münster, Germany.

- (08/17-22) Participated in a workshop with architects from NBL Studio.

- (27.08.22) Support during the documentary filming of Pro7 Galileo

- (30.08.22) Cooperation between the association and the Thai Embassy to organize a training session on the topic of "Green ThaiPark" with the head of the department of education for sustainable development (SBNE) of the district Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.


- (17.-18.09.22) The association organized together with the embassy the "Thai Eco-friendly Street Food Market and Cultural Festival" to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the German-Thai diplomatic relations.

- (17.-18.09.22) The association organized the photo competition together with the embassy.


- (08.-09.10.22) Joint organization of the project "Box Office Around the World" between Association and Humboldt Forum in Berlin, jointly selected a Thai film: Buppesannivas 2 (Love Destiny 2: The Movie) for the screening. In addition, Verein was invited to speak and act as table host before the film screening, Verein was also assigned to cater the event.

- (10/13/22) Association together with the brand ambassador of KogoPAY organized a training on ''Digital Marketing'' for the board members and vendor representatives.

- (10/15/22) In cooperation with KogoPAY (the main sponsor of Thai Park), the association organized an Oktoberfest.

- (15.10.22) In cooperation with Pangeahaus, the association organized the catering for the "Open Day".


- (03.12.22) Thai association held the general meeting for association members and the joint celebration of the end of the 2022 season for vendors at Tiger Karaoke Bar & Thai Restaurant, Müllerstr.6, 13353 Berlin

- (23.12.22) Completed the annual financial statements and tax returns 2021 in collaboration with the tax advisor of the Aust and partners.

There will be a lot of things happening particularly this year, so stay tuned with the Association and ThaiPark : )


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