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''Oktoberfest" in ThaiPark On Saturday, October 15 from 12-17.

On Saturday, October 15. from 12-5PM, the Thai Association will hold the ''Oktoberfest" in ThaiPark and officially introduce the long-term sponsor ''KogoPay".

The event will include the following activities:

-Costume contest on the theme of Oktoberfest with prizes.

-Game (wishing tree) for vouchers from various stalls in Thai Park

-Teaching pumpkin carving

-Cooking lessons of egg pudding in pumpkin and steamed pumpkin snacks

-Tutorial for Application ,,KogoPay"

-Green food stalls competition for all vendors in ThaiPark.

In this event, influencers from Facebook page (PhorbanGerman) and families will organize this event together with the association and he will award the winners.

All dear market visitors are hereby invited to wear Oktoberfest-themed costumes and let's have fun and celebrate nicely together.

See you very soon!

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