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Visitors’ rules for the Preußenpark

The Preußenpark is part of the official green and serves neighbours and visitors as a nearby recreation area. The grounds have to be used in a careful way, so that plantations and equipment will not be damaged, soiled or injured otherwise and that other visitors of the greens and the neighbours are not endangered or excessively disturbed. Please notice that grilling, boiling and preparing of food in the reserved area at the Württembergische Straße is allowed only until 10 p.m.

Forbidden are:

  • Grilling, cooking and incending rsp. maintaining of the fire out of the marked area

  • Setting up garden furniture (for example desks, chairs, tents and umbrellas) (*)

  • Setting up ice-boxes containing food which exceed the consumption of a family (*)

  • Selling goods and offering services (*)

  • Taking along dogs and other domestic animals (please remember the immediate removal of dog’s excrements)

  • Driving bikes

  • Producing noise, for example by instruments or electric equipment disturbing other park visitors excessively

  • Using the lying down area of the lawn after 10 p.m.

(*) with the exception of the are designated to the Thai-Streetfoodmarket (gravel area)

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