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1. Adventssonntag

Thai-Verein and ThaiPark wish you and your families a happy Advent Sunday.

Also, today we would like to give you some information about the "biggest Thai street food market in Europe", which is our ThaiPark in Berlin. Let's get started!!!!

1. ThaiPark or thai street food market (official name) In fact, there are many other names in Thai, such as Thai market, Prussian park market, Thai food market, ThaiPark market, Thai street food market, and etc. Most German media mainly call us by these 2 names: ThaiPark and Thai-Streetfoodmarkt.

But actually you can call it whatever you want, but you have to go to the right place and the right city, which is Brandenburgische Str., 10707 Berlin : )

For number 2. to number 4. I will share you in the next Advent Sunday posts.

See you again!

Instagram: thaiparkinberlin


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